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Doug Wilkerson, Former San Diego Chargers Guard, Honored

Doug Wilkerson, former San Diego Chargers Pro-Bowl Guard was selected to be a part of 2014 class inducted Saturday night into the Black College Football Hall of Fame.

San Diego Chargers guard Doug Wilkerson
San Diego Chargers guard Doug Wilkerson
Photo by James Flores/Getty Images

The celebration of Black History throughout the month of February will ring a final bell Saturday, the first day of March, to honor athletes that have had an impact on the black community with the induction of Black College Football Hall of Fame's newest class.

This class includes one of the San Diego Chargers all-time greats.

Doug Wilkerson, offensive guard for the Chargers from 1971-1984, and a staple of the Air Coryell era, will be honored this weekend in Atlanta.

Wilkerson was selected to three consecutive Pro-Bowls, from 1980-1982.

One of the fastest linemen to play football, he recorded a 9.8 seconds 100 yard dash. Wilkerson was also named to the Chargers 50th anniversary team and inducted to the team's hall of fame in 2000.

Coming out of North Carolina Central University, Wilkerson was drafted in the first round by the Houston Oilers in the 1970 NFL Draft. A year later, the Chargers would acquire him through a trade.

Other notable names in this class include former New York Giant Michael Strahan and Pittsburgh Steeler John Stallworth. Strahan will be inducted into the NFL's Hall of Fame later this year.

The annual ceremony was held Saturday night in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Falcons hosted the event.