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San Diego Chargers sign LB Reggie Walker and CB Brandon Ghee

The San Diego Chargers announced today that they'll be bringing back LB Reggie Walker, and have added depth to their secondary by signing former Bengals CB Brandon Ghee.

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Jamie Sabau


I was a little worried that Reggie Walker would end up with Ken Whisenhunt in Tennessee, but I'm glad to see him stick. He played well at ILB, OLB, and is a former special teams captain with the Arizona Cardinals. Those are the types of veterans that you keep around if they don't cost a ton and aren't looking for a starting job.

Now, who is this Brandon Ghee fella?

A former 3rd round pick (2010) for the Bengals, Ghee stuck around for four seasons without ever earning a start. In his defense, the Bengals CBs have been quite good for a while.

Ghee played in 10 games last season, the most of his career, and earned a very favorable 4.9 rating from PFF.

A #1 starter opposite Shareece Wright? No. A backup plan in case Wright, Marcus Gilchrist, and Steve Williams get injured? Absolutely. I have no issue with Tom Telesco building the depth back at CB before finding his #1 guy, and Ghee seems like a very solid depth guy with some actual upside.