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San Diego Chargers sign QB Kellen Clemens

Clipboard Kellen? The Chargers have a new backup quarterback: former Jet and Ram, Kellen Clemens.

Clipboard Kellen
Clipboard Kellen

With Charlie Whitehurst signing in Tennessee, the San Diego Chargers needed a new backup quarterback or at least camp competition (in the case that Brad Sorensen proves capable in the preseason). Cue Tom Telesco:

While Clemens could never hold a candle to Charlie's aura and, of course, hair, Kellen actually has a reasonable track record in the NFL that makes him a better emergency option in the case that Dear God, Philip is hurt.

Last season, Clemens started nine games in Sam Bradford's absence, completing 59% of his passes for 6.9 yards-per-attempt with a positive TD to INT ratio. Whitehurst has literally never done any of those things at the NFL level.

At 30 years old, Clemens is obviously a short-term solution at backup quarterback. It's entirely possible Brad Sorensen outplays him in preseason and the Chargers deem a third quarterback to be an unnecessary use of a roster spot. Time will tell.

For now, though, it appears that the Chargers' worst-case scenario just got a smidgen better. At 2 years and just $3 million, it's a minor move, but one completed admirably.

Welcome to San Diego, Kellen.