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San Diego Chargers sign linebacker Kavell Conner

Another former Indianapolis Colt makes his way to San Diego under General Manager Tom Telesco.

Andy Lyons

It finally happened, everyone. The Chargers signed that guy you'd never heard of before he was linked to the team a couple of days ago.

Kavell Conner is now a San Diego Charger. This isn't a splashy move, but it's a good one and the type that you need to make to field a winning team. Conner is a versatile player, which is becoming a much welcomed theme, and also a very solid special teams player. He has played both the Will and Sam in the 43 as well as the Mike and Mo in the 34. He'll likely spell Donald Butler and Manti Te'o the next few seasons.

He fills the role vacated by Bront Bird, and he likely fills it better than his predecessor did. He's also the fifth former Indianapolis Colt signed by Tom Telesco. It makes sense that Telesco is relying on players he's familiar with to fill needs as that familiarity reduces the risk of getting a player with poor habits.

What do you think about the newest member of the Chargers?