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BFTB After Dark: March 11, 2014

BFTB After Dark is an open, off-topic thread for conversation regarding anything and anything. It is supposed to be posted daily, but almost never is.

Doug Pensinger

Well, that was a truly exciting four hours for San Diego Chargers fans. The most interesting piece of news is that Kavell Conner will be coming for a visit and will likely sign with the team. Conner is an inside linebacker formerly of the Indianapolis Colts. He'd be a depth signing. Good depth, but just depth. Think of a better Bront Bird without the stupid personal fouls. That won't be an exciting signing when it happens, and it hasn't happened yet.

The most exciting thing that happened to Chargers fans was Michael Gehlken getting suckered by the fake Adam Schefter Twitter account into thinking that the Bolts had inked Carlos Rogers of the 49ers. This was hilarious on multiple levels, all of them at least a little bit sad. Hopefully, the people that thought I was being ridiculous warning people not to pay attention to AdaRnSchefter at least understand why I thought the warning was necessary now.

Almost all of the viable nose tackle options are now off the market. So, too, is the corner most Chargers fans were hoping for in Vontae Davis. Alterraun Verner is still out there at the time of this writing, but he'll probably be expensive. Hakeem Nicks is being linked to Carolina, and I'm getting ready to stop caring completely.

In fairness, boring free agency periods are more likely to be good ones than exciting ones are. See the very exciting 2012 off season and compare it to the relatively boring 2013 one. Also compare boring signings like King Dunlap and Chad Rinehart to exciting ones like Derek Cox. That said, if something doesn't happen soon I'm going to start drinking.

At least this video is amazing: