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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: February 5, 2014

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Stephen Dunn

Better Days Ahead - Mike Tanier
This is not an exoneration of the bad things that the NFL has done. It is not a sugar-coating of health risks. It is, however, a heavy brake-pumping on the overheated, sensationalized and lazy football bashing. It's a reminder that the events in League of Denial are what really happened, but they are not what is currently happening. It's a reminder that "football problems" are largely "America problems" in shoulder pads.

NFL's Best Playoff Quarterbacks: DVOA and DYAR - Scott Kacsmar
Philip Rivers is not known for much playoff success either, but he can point to playing the toughest schedule of playoff defenses (-12.5%), including the toughest pass defenses. Rivers played the 2007 Titans (No. 1 defense by DVOA) and two defenses that were the consensus best in football those seasons (2008 Steelers and 2009 Jets). He even played the 2013 Bengals, who were arguably the AFC's best defense.

Super Bowl halftime show mostly pre-recorded - George Varga (paywall)
How much of the music by Bruno Mars & Red Hot Chili Peppers was live Sunday? Apart from the vocals and Mars' drum solo, just about none.

Chargers' Malcom Floyd hopes to return to his teammates - Olivia Hops
The humble receiver is very optimistic about coming back to football. The injury has been one that players have come back from. It has also been one to end careers. For now, there is still no timetable to when, or if he’ll be back.