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Fantasy Football Friday: The Worst Chargers in Fantasy from the 2013 season

Identifying the worst, and most disappointing, San Diego Chargers in Fantasy Football for the 2013-14 season.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Hey guys! Welcome to this week's edition of Fantasy Football Friday! This week, I'm going to briefly talk about the Chargers who really were disappointing from a Fantasy standpoint.

Chargers DST

Easily the worst parts about the Chargers last season was the play of our defense and special teams. Our Defense gave up way too many long plays, and seemed to be incapable of stopping the run at times. That being said, we did have some good players, who, if you were playing the individual defense leagues, might have actually helped you. That being said, this is DST, and all around, the Chargers were one of the worst 5 in the league consistently. Great consistency?

Stats: I don't even want to look up the statistics... they were so bad.

Outlook: If someone drafts this DST, they must have taken a huge fall recently and they probably think they are back in 2006, when Shawne Merrimen was still here.

Malcom Floyd

I know many of you didn't expect much from Malcom this year, but I have always liked using him off the waivers as a fill in for tight match ups/bye weeks. I was off at a military drill the game that Malcom went down with an injury, so I didn't know how serious it was until I got home, and saw the scariest collision I have ever seen. Floyd was having a good game too, and looked like he was going to put up similar numbers to last season. He had 5 catches for 102 yards in about half the game against the Eagles.

Stats: 6 receptions, 149 Yards, 24.8 Avg, 47 Long

Outlook: IF he comes back, he will most definitely take more of a backseat role. I had hopes that Vincent Brown would start in his absence, but he does not fit into our scheme at all. I bet you the Chargers pick up a rookie WR in the mid rounds and he'll take playing time from Floyd, if he comes back. Don't draft him. He'll be on the waiver wire until you need him most likely.

Antonio Gates

Before you send the lynch mob, hear me out. Gates has looked fat and slow the past 3 years at least. He has lost a few steps, and doesn't have the physicality or explosiveness he once had. At this point, I believe he is taking valuable reps from a future star in LaDarius Green. Does anyone know the cap savings if the Chargers decide to part ways with the future HOF'er? I know some of you are going to say "he was still the 9th best TE in the game from a fantasy perspective!" But that's not going to cut it anymore. He is no where near the redzone target he used to be, only catching 4 TD's. 17 TE's caught more TD's this season.

Stats: 872 yards, 4 TD's, 2 FUM

Outlook: As long as Gates has Philip Rivers throwing him the ball, he's going to have some fantasy value. I'd pick him up in the middle rounds, as he's still a viable fantasy TE.

Eddie Royal

This is madness! Eddie Royal caught 8 TD's! That being said, he disappeared after week 2, with the emergence of Keenan Allen. He scored 10+ fantasy points 3 times this season, and two of those were the first two weeks of the season. Other than that, he had 9 games where he scored less than 5 points for fantasy teams. He started off great, catching 5 TD passes in the first two weeks, but cooled down, real fast. This being said, I really like this guy, and I like what he brings to the Chargers in the slot.

Stats: 652 total yards, 8 TD's, 1 FUM

Outlook: It's a toss up at this point if Eddie is going to have a huge role next year. I don't think he will have a better year than this year, so I will not be drafting Eddie. People are going to look at the 8 TD's, and jump on him, but you and I know that 5 of those touchdowns came in the first two weeks, after which he sunk into Fantasy irrelevance.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Fantasy Football Friday! Everyone go enjoy your weekend!