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BFTB After Dark: February 26, 2014

BFTB's "After Dark" is a nightly open thread for the community to talk about anything and everything.

Jim McIsaac

There's so much good news today! Let's count it off:

  1. Baseball is back! Well, sortof. Spring Training games have begun! That's close enough to call it baseball!
  2. Rain! Sweet, glorious, much-needed rain has come to visit us in southern California.
  3. Gennaro-ly Speaking returns tomorrow night! You're only about 26 hours away from it! How will you even be able to sleep tonight?

Dinner Plans: Carrot soup with a few glasses of beer

On my TV: A crucial NBA matchup between the Clippers and Rockets. Winner wins the season series, which could be important since they're both likely to make the playoffs.