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Video: 3-D plotting of Punch Score, Z-Speed Score, and Foot Speed

The new metrics (Punch Score, Z-Speed Score, and Foot Speed) come together in a video showing each player plotted in three-dimensional space, allowing us to draw conclusions from the data and see just how useful the new metrics really are.

In case you've missed it, you'll want to read up on Punch Score, Z-Speed Score, and Foot Speed prior to watching the following video. Those three metrics are three metrics which, when used in tandem, provide a way to identify which running backs have a higher probability to succeed/fail than others based solely on measurables from the NFL Combine.

The video above brings it altogether graphically, visually showing how these metrics work together to narrow down the list of players who participate in the 40 yard dash, broad jump, and bench press down to a list of players who have a reasonable probability to succeed in the NFL. Enjoy!

I am now open to suggestions for how else I should plot the data in order to bring the most value to the audience. What else would you like to see? (Please do not suggest changing the Chargers-themed colors).

Up next is a longer-winded explanation of its predictiveness, a closer look at the two-dimensional plots, and some rules on how we should use these metrics. Then, finally, we'll plot the 2014 draft-eligible running backs to see which guys may be steals/busts at the NFL level.