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BFTB After Dark: February 25, 2014

"After Dark" is BFTB's nightly open thread for commentors to talk about anything and everything.

Jared C. Tilton

In case nobody noticed, Kyle has started scouting prospects for the 2014 NFL Draft and you can find them in the blue box under the layout of the home page, where it says "2014 NFL Draft: Scouting Reports". As per usual, Kyle is killing it.

The only other exciting news of the day is that Football Outsiders, inventors of the famed "Speed Score", apparently want to talk to our own David Marver regarding the mathematical equations he's putting together:

Is Schatz planning on hiring the entire BFTB staff full-time to cover the Chargers for Football Outsiders? MAYBE! Probably not though. Most likely he just wants to know how to send threatening letters to Marver to make him back off of his attack on "Speed Score".

  • Dinner Plans: Grilled-cheese sandwich, with white cheddar, bacon and honey-mustard.
  • On My TV: I don't know. There's no Clippers, no Chargers, and no Padres tonight. I also don't believe there are any marquee NBA matchups. Is Scandal back yet?