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Little Fam, Big Fans - BFTB's New Street Team

Introducing the Littles and their plan to provide BFTB with warm and fuzzy stories about the Chargers in the community. Awww...

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We imagine some of you may be wondering why BFTB would hire a Partridge-type sounding family to hit the streets and write. Well, the head scratching can cease!

There's no need to bombard you with our family history (a legacy that may or may not be filled with a plethora of juicy controversial events that changed the world as we know it. HA!'ll never know!).

To sum us up, we are the Littles – two siblings and a cousin – and in no way does our surname describe our level of Bolt-fandom. Christina has been known to cry after losses, by the way.

One of our favorite fan activities is getting to know the players beyond the stats, X’s and O’s, highlight reels, and stock interview answers. We like personal stories of how players have overcome adversity, stories about weird habits and random interests, stories that make your tummy feel funny in the good kinda way, and stories that make you feel like less of a man for having that little fly in your eye. Our mission is to find more of these happy tales and share them with all of you.

Having grown up in San Diego, we love this town beyond words! America's Finest City lives up to its moniker day-in and day-out and there’s no doubt that San Diego has made its way into the hearts of our beloved Chargers.

Throughout the year we'll showcase stories on how the Bolts reciprocate their love back to the city and us fans, and how awesome they are off the field. We’ll be on-scene for things like 5k runs, school visits, and (crossing our fingers for this one) the Chargers forming a human ladder to save an elderly lady from the fourth floor of a burning building.

May the heart-warming commence! But before you run to Costco for bulk-sized Kleenex, here’s a Little about us (we promise the puns will be short-lived):

  • Jenna Little // hafalittlej: I have a recurring dream that I'm playing with little white tiger cubs. ...My dreams are better than yours.
  • Christina Little // sdboltbasics: Each day I can be found wearing the remnants of my son’s boogers, slobber, or food. As gross as that is, it always makes me smile.
  • Erin // goodomen: I’m a dude, no seriously I am, just like Leslie O’Neal, Marion Butts, and Bambi. Boom! I’m into the Wu-Tang Clan, falafels, and for some reason, running.

(Editor's Note: The above article was written, collectively, by all three Littles. In the future, Christina, Jenna, and Erin will be writing separately from one another.)