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BFTB After Dark: February 21, 2014

BFTB "After Dark" is a nightly open thread to talk about anything and everything.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So, how about those new writers, huh? Every time I go through this process I always end up going crazy for the person that can make me laugh. That being said, some of the humorous stuff we have coming in the next week or so is AMAZING.

  • Dinner Plans: Up in the air. Could be Red Lobster. Did you know it's Lobsterfest?
  • On My TV: Seeing as how Clippers/Grizzlies will probably be wrapping up by time I get home from work....maybe House of Cards? I'm about 4 episodes into Season 2.
  • BFTB Rec Colors: Still awesome.

Consider this your weekly reminder that I write for other places about other things sometimes.