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Meet the new BFTB Writers!

As is annual tradition, the BFTB staff is being refreshed. Some are staying, some are going, and 11 new writers are being added to the staff. Come and meet them all.

Andy Lyons

It's another February, which means a new year to bring in fresh talent, and fresh perspectives, to the BFTB writing staff.

Believe it or not, taking one of these (non-paid) positions requires a pretty significant donation of your own time. Often, the time you think you have in February turns out to be unavailable once the season comes around. For this reason, some from our current staff will be leaving. Here is the full list:

  • jkvandal
  • Zach Malone
  • CrimeTime31
  • Nick Shepherd
  • Andrew Tschiltsch
  • Superduperboltman
  • AvengingJM

I will miss every last one of those guys on the staff, and I hope that each of them at least sticks around in our comments when they find the time.

Now, onto the new group of people that think they have enough available time to do at least one post a week for us. 7 people leaving means 7 open slots, right? Well, that was the plan.

I received 45 responses to my open call for writers. Choosing 7 from that group was nearly impossible. Nay, it is impossible. I came as close as I possible could.

Without further ado, here is the 2014 class of new BFTB writers:

Kirk Willison - A former professional sportwriter that moved on to become a press secretary for two members of congress before settling on being a PR executive, Kirk's main job will be to not hate us as we bring shame upon professional journalism.

Max Schultz (rtrnofdmax) - Sounds like a fake name, probably isn't. Many of you may know Max as a long-time commenter that can't stand the grammatical errors that I constantly make. He will be BFTB's 4th editor (after myself, Wade, and Crean) in an attempt to make us all look smarter. He'll also be our resident Salary Cap Expert.

Jesse Hayner (Dktrgonzo) - Unfortunately, we're losing AvengingJM and CrimeTime31 this offseason. Jesse is here to bring the funny in their absence. After previewing some of his posts, I think we're in capable hands.

Aaron Woolley (aaronwoolley1) - Aaron will act as BFTB's Fantasy Football guru, when he's not defending the country against bad guys.

Manny Casillas (mmmfresh31) - Manny will be manning our news desk. If Chargers news or NFL news breaks, there's a good chance Manny is going to be the one posting about it.

Ruben J. Gonzalez (rubenjay) - Ruben has a background in professional journalism and getting interviews. He'll likely be our Chargers Park correspondent during Training Camp. It's also likely that he'll take over the "BFTB en Espanol" series.

Jay Stokes - Will also be on the newsdesk, while digging into numbers/analytics for weekly posts. We can never have enough nerds.

The Littles - We've hired a family! There's Christina Little (sdboltbasics), Jenna Little (hafalittlej) and Erin Little (goodomen). They will be, for all intents and purposes, BFTB's street team. The Chargers are having a blood drive? SEND THE LITTLES. Charger Girl tryouts are open to the public? SEND THE LITTLES! Eric Weddle is signing fireworks for small children? SEND THE LITTLES! The Chargers will likely see a lot of the Littles this season, because the Littles will be focused on covering the non-football aspects of the team.

There you have it, faithful BFTB readers. Just like the group of writers we hired last year, some of which have become our most popular writers, you'll end up falling in love with some of the people above over the next 12 months. In the meantime, just welcome them to their new responsibilities in the comments below.