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Open Thread: Broncos vs. Seahawks, Super Bowl

In what seemed like 5 minutes, the NFL season has come and gone. Today, the Seahawks and Broncos play the season's final game to determine which can be called "champion." Chat along while watching the game, the halftime show, and the pregame show.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, the big game doesn't start for another 3.5 hours, but there's nothing else worth writing or talking about until we know who this year's NFL champion is. So, here's your open thread.

This year's matchup looks to be, on paper, one of the best we've seen for quite some time. There are so many ways in which you can take the narrative. Here are just a few options:

  • Offense vs. Defense: The Broncos have the best offense in the league this year, and the Seahawks have the best defense. Neither team is terrible, or great, on the other side of the ball. Could this be the game that finally determines if the phrase "Defense wins championships" is still true in today's NFL?
  • Old vs. Young: Peyton Manning has just a few years left, and would be the 2nd oldest QB to win a Super Bowl if Denver wins today. Russell Wilson is in the second year of his career and is already breaking all sorts of records. Could this be a changing of the guard? Could the Manning-Brady generation finally be overrun by the NFL's young guns (Wilson, Foles, Kaepernick, Luck, Newton)?
  • Prototype vs. Odd Ends: The Broncos don't just have the prototype QB, they have a prototype everything. Each player at his position is the right size and speed for that position. If anything, they sometimes overreach, with tall receivers that can still get deep and big TEs that can still run. The Seahawks seem to be the opposite of that. Their RB is a castoff from a bad Bills team. Their QB wasn't drafted early because he is short. Their receivers are short. Their best DB was a WR in college. Their best pass rusher is downright tiny. Can the Seahawks' against-the-grain philosophy of roster-building win out over a team full of prototypes?
  • Legacy: You'll hear this word a lot, because a 2nd Super Bowl win with a different team will shut up any and all criticisms of Peyton Manning. His career, and legacy, will become flawless. There will be no reason not to label him as the greatest QB of all time. In that way, this could be the most important game of his very impressive career.
  • Cold Weather: There's no blizzard and no snow, but it's still winter in New Jersey and that means it'll be cold. How will this affect the game? The fans? The halftime show? Will it be a disaster that keeps the NFL from hosting Super Bowls in cold-weather cities (that don't have domes on their stadiums) in the future, or a success that opens the door to other cities to host in the future?

There is a lot going on. It should be fun. Start your preparations now and let's hope for a good, close game with an exciting ending.