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BFTB After Dark: February 19, 2014

BFTB After Dark is an open, off-topic thread for conversation regarding anything and anything. It is supposed to be posted daily, but almost never is.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Hello all,

Our fearless leader is busy with work or watching House of Cards or something equally important, so I've drawn the After Dark assignment once more. Luckily for everyone involved, you, me, the others, I've come prepared with a fancy table and baseball statistics!

Rk Player Year WAR
1 Kevin Brown 1998 9.0
2 Dave Winfield 1979 7.8
3 Ken Caminiti 1996 7.5
4 Tony Gwynn 1987 7.4
5 Chase Headley 2012 7.2
6 Gary Sheffield 1992 6.5
7 Tony Gwynn 1984 6.3
8 Tony Gwynn 1986 6.2
9 Adrian Gonalez 2009 6.1
10 Jake Peavy 2007 5.9
11 Brian Giles 2005 5.8
11 Greg Vaughn 1998 5.8
11 Dave Roberts 1971 5.8

"Well, that's great, but what is it?" I'm sure you're asking yourself aloud the way one would if they were a character in a movie or a television show (but not in a book or other written medium as it would be unnecessary to paint you as an idiot in that instance). I'm glad you asked. Those are the top 11 (why 11?) seasons by Padres players according to WAR as presented by A few things are immediately obvious, Tony Gwynn is the only player to appear on the list more than one time, and HOLY CRAP is Kevin Brown's 1998 season by far the best by a Padre in the organization's history.

Why 11? Because initially I had done a list of just position players and the guys tied for 11th were previously tied for 9th. That's why.

Anyway, feel free to discuss how sad it is that those are the 13 best seasons in Padres history or any other thing you fancy in the comments below.