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BFTB After Dark: February 14, 2014

BFTB After Dark is an open, off-topic thread for conversation regarding anything and anything. It is supposed to be posted daily, but almost never is.


Hello all,

Today is the day we've all been waiting for over the last however many months (7? 9? I'm not looking it up). Happy House of Cards Day! The fantastic show starring Kevin Spacey as the sort of Machiavellian, back-stabbing monster we all hope our own congressman is finally returns with season 2 on Netflix.

If you haven't seen season 1 yet, that's sad and downright unforgivable, but we're a forgiving bunch around here, so if you hurry and go watch it right now, we'll let it slide. Feel free to discuss season 1, and what you'll be eating and drinking while watching season 2 in the comments. If you're going to talk season 2, make sure to give fair warning to others or prepare to be banned.

Also, Happy St. Valentine's Day to those of you that are big fans of massacres and/or the greeting card industry. Just kidding. Get pumped for House of Cards!