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Where has the San Diego Chargers pass rush gone?

If the 8-4 San Diego Chargers hope to make it into the playoffs, they need to find out how to rejuvenate their pass rush.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Marshall seems positively giddy this week, and why not? The NFL Playoffs are nearly here! Where do the San Diego Chargers need to be precise to make it into the postseason? That's an easy one. TO THE STAT SHEET!

2014 San Diego Chargers Pass Rush (First 6 Games): 2.14 sacks per game

2014 San Diego Chargers Pass Rush (Next 6 Games): 0.6 sacks per game


Where has the pass rush gone? After not having less than 2 sacks in any of the first five games of the season, The Chargers have has four games with zero sacks since. I'm not even sure if the sacks against the Raiders or the Rams count, but thy're the only one the team has gotten since playing Kansas City over a month ago.

If the Chargers want to beat the teams left on their schedule and go into the NFL Playoffs s a team to be feared, they're going to need a semblance of a pass rush. Right now, they don't even have that.

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