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LIVE: San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, 1st Half

The 9-6 San Diego Chargers travel to Kansas City to take on the 8-7 Chiefs with playoff hopes on the line. Chat about the game live in our open thread.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Play-offs! Play-offs!

The San Diego Chargers are in Kansas City, ready to take on the Chiefs in a game that will determine whether or not either team stands a chance to play another game next week. While the playoffs may not have officially started, that is the definition of a playoff game.

The San Diego Chargers are still awfully beat up, with loads of players either not playing or suiting up despite serious injury, but they'll be facing a team that is missing their starting QB and can't seem to figure out their offensive line. If Philip Rivers can avoid turning the ball over, and the Chargers defense can find a way to stop Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles (which they've done a pretty good job at in the past), Mike McCoy will likely lead his team to its second playoff appearance in as many years.

The Chargers have been anything but predictable this season, but they'll need to show up with their best gameplan, energy, and focus to win this one. Can they do it? I think so.