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Bolts from the Blue Podcast #20: This is Why You're a Chargers Fan

An early gift for you: a shiny new BFTB Podcast this week!

John and Ben are still coming down off the high of last week's thrilling come-from-behind win over the San Francisco 49ers, and surely you are too (I won't call you Shirley anymore).

Keeping with what works, John and Ben start things out by recapping the game against the 49ers. A discussion of whether or not Looking ahead, the talk turns to potential playoff opponents. Wrapping things up with a nice bow on top, our podcast ends with a preview of and predictions for the upcoming game against the Chiefs.

If you can't get enough Chargers football, be sure to join Ben Higgins on the Bolts Brown Bag, every Monday at 12:30pm Pacific. It's even embedded here for your convenience!


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