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LIVE: San Diego Chargers trail San Francisco 49ers 28-7 at halftime

The San Diego Chargers playoff hopes are likely done after a trainwreck of a first half against the San Francisco 49ers.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's looking like one of those games where the San Diego Chargers either don't show up at all, or don't show up until it's much too late.

Outside of one decent drive, where Philip Rivers threw on nearly every down and finished with a TD pass to Eddie Royal, the Chargers offense has been atrocious. The back injury we heard about is obviously bothering Rivers and affecting his game, as he's thrown 2 terrible interceptions.

The bad news is that, as bad as the offense has been, the Chargers defense has been significantly worse. They have been unable to stop the San Francisco 49ers running game, whether it be Frank Gore or Colin Kaepernick, and the pass rush has been nearly nonexistent.

Could San Diego turn it around and get a comeback win? Absolutely, but they're showing little to no signs of life in this game, and injuries to Brandon Flowers, Melvin Ingram, and Chris Watt haven't helped any. Stupid penalties have also hurt the team more than they've helped.