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The KP Show #10: Is the Chargers' Season Over?

Kyle Posey is back in his popular podcast to get you ready for this weekend's matchup against the 49ers. So grab a big bowl of chili and dig in.

Back after a couple weeks. I start out by letting you know that I don't fault the people who sell their tickets. I know it's not popular but what's important to you or me isn't what's most important to the person next to us.

After that, I tell you why chili is overrated.

I get back into the football side of things and why the offense is struggling and tie that in with what adjustments they need to make without Keenan Allen as well as how they match-up with the 49ers.

Finally, I give a hat tip to John Pagano and how well the defense has performed the last 2 weeks. I get into a little match-up talk with 49ers offense.

As always, thanks for listening guys.


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