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Chargers to remain in San Diego through 2015

The San Diego Chargers have not played their last game at Qualcomm Stadium, announcing today that they will not terminate their lease with the city for the 2015 season.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking news at 6pm today, as the San Diego Chargers announced that they will not terminate their lease at Qualcomm Stadium. This means at least one more season of professional football will be played in the city of San Diego! Rejoice!

Here is the statement from Mark Fabiani, who is in charge of helping the team land a new stadium deal.

Statement of Mark Fabiani

Special Counsel to the President of the San Diego Chargers

December 16, 2014

On February 1st of every year since 2007, the Chargers have been eligible to terminate the team’s lease for Qualcomm Stadium. And each year since 2007, the Chargers have announced that the team will not exercise the termination clause and instead continue to work toward a permanent stadium solution in San Diego.

Today, the Chargers are making the same announcement that the team has made each year since 2007: The team will not be exercising the lease termination clause and will keep working to find a publicly acceptable way to build a Super-Bowl quality stadium in San Diego. Calendar year 2015 will constitute the team’s fourteenth year of work on a San Diego stadium solution.