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Chargers-Broncos final score: San Diego's losing streak continues with 22-10 loss to Denver

The Denver Broncos have a very impressive defense, and that was enough for them to beat the San Diego Chargers by a whole lot of points for the second time this season.

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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In what could end up being the last NFL game ever played at Qualcomm Stadium, the San Diego Chargers did a fine job of proving that you can not beat one of the NFL's best teams without a running game.

Peyton Manning was held to less than 250 passing yards and just 1 touchdown, the Denver Broncos rushing attack picked up just north of 3 yards per attempt, and the team was held without a touchdown from inside the red zone.

This game marks the first time all season that the Broncos scored less than 24 points and escaped with a win. Previously, they were 0-3 when scoring less than 24. Simply put, the San Diego Chargers defense did their job. The offense, however, did not.

Philip Rivers was not sacked once, but threw two terrible interceptions. The team's 2.8 yards per rushing attempt was, shockingly, not enough to consistently pick up first downs. Despite leading the team in targets (8), Keenan Allen finished with just 3 catches for 18 yards.

Are the Chargers playoffs hopes dashed? Not quite, but it won't be easy from here on out. Not only do they have to win in San Francisco and Kansas City, but they now trail a couple of teams for those two AFC Wild Card spots.

This was another big opportunity for the Chargers to shock the world and show them that they belong in the conversation of championship contenders, and it's another opportunity squandered.

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