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Which NFL team mirrors the San Diego Chargers?

Marshall Faulk wants to know which NFL team most closely resembles the San Diego Chargers and what can the Chargers learn from that team?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

You've heard the comparison for years. Many people compared the San Diego Chargers to the Dallas Cowboys. Both teams had prolific offenses, inconsistent defenses, great QBs with bad reputations, and coaching staffs that seemed confused as to how to put it all together.

The comparisons worked better when it was Norv Turner and Jason Garrett running each team, but a funny thing happened when Mike McCoy took over the Chargers: Garrett learned something about his own team.

Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys are likely heading to the playoffs this year, and they've done it by copying the blueprint of the 2013 Chargers. They're winning the time of possession battle, keeping their defense fresh, and reducing the responsibilities of Tony Romo by focusing on their offensive line and running game.

The Cowboys are 5th in rushing attempts per game this season after being 24th last year. The Chargers, by comparison, have dropped from 13th down to 22nd. That's more a result of the performance of the offensive line than on the coaching or play calling, at least for San Diego.

The Chargers should take a look at how the Cowboys are doing it (with early draft picks on big offensive linemen that can run-block) and follow a similar formula this offseason.

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