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Bolts from the Blue Podcast #18: Who should be fired? (Part 1)

John and Ben have a lot to say this week. So much so, that we had to break this week's podcast up into two separate episode. Double the pleasure, double the fun!

In Part 1 of our adventure, our two heroes start things off by breaking down the Chargers' loss to the New England Patriots. They find themselves realizing that the Chargers were completely outmatched by the Patriots, both in coaching and in the players. Mike McCoy is taken to task for this game, and then John and Ben decide to move on quickly from the game and look ahead to the future.

With the regular season drawing to a close already, attention turns to the playoffs and just what are the Chargers' chances of making the playoffs. Would a 10-6 record be good enough?

Moving on, what changes should the Chargers make in the offseason? Are any coaches safe on this team? Does there need to be some changes?

Find out, in part 1 of this week's Bolts from the Blue Podcast.


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