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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: December 10, 2014

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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San Diego Superfailure - Andy Glockner
A day after making what appears to have been a poor in-game decision, Mike McCoy made things even worse with his explanation.

Sources: Mike Scifres to have surgery - Eric Williams
"That was terrible," Novak said about the play. "I felt horrible for him. That's the hardest hit I've seen on a punter in a while. But our mentality is always next man up, and just step in there and do it. Do your job. No excuses."

Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy: Ignorance or Incompetence? - Richard Wade (from Nov 12, 2013)
Mike McCoy is clearly more worried about being embarrassed than he is about winning. This is how John Fox has coached his entire career. Just take a look at last year's playoff loss to the Ravens. That's classic John Fox, and Mike McCoy is (for all intents and purposes) the new John Fox. We should have seen this coming, and we should all prepare ourselves for years of this kind of idiotic coaching because, while it doesn't help you win, it does help you not get fired.

San Diego Chargers need Ryan Mathews at his best - Eric Williams
"He was going pretty good early," Rivers said. "It’s always easy after losses to go back and try and pick what we should’ve called, should’ve ran, where I should’ve thrown it. When you’re in the heat of it, it’s not that easy. It was just an overall below-average day for us on the offense side."