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What do the San Diego Chargers do best?

As the San Diego Chargers head into their bye week, what is their biggest strength and how can they build on it?

Kevork Djansezian

It's been years, and I'm waiting for the San Diego Chargers to have a new "strength" to their team, but once against the strength of the Bolts is Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates. Not just the singular talents of each player, but the connection they share on the field.

As for how the team can build on it, I think that is a complicated proposition. Obviously, with the underneath routes by Gates getting extra attention, it makes sense for the Chargers to take advantage with passes deep down the field. However, the offensive line doesn't appear good enough to support that.

When Ryan Mathews returns and the team focuses more on their running game, I might consider putting David Johnson in as the team's second TE and let him help the run-blocking on the line, turning Gates into more of a slot WR to take advantage of his skillset.

What do you think?

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