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The Bolts from the Blue Podcast #13: "We Needed an Embarrassing Loss Like This"

John and Ben meet up once again to work us all through the tough loss in Miami and look for some silver linings.

Ben and John find themselves in unfamiliar territory as the San Diego Chargers find themselves on the losing end of a blowout game. It might not all be bad news, could this have been a "good" loss that the team can learn from and refocus? Was it enough to shock the team back into form?

As the team heads into the bye week, Ben and John discuss which players will enjoy the extra rest the most and what major adjustments the team can make going forward.

With the extra rest comes hope that some of the key players sidelined by injuries could make a comeback. Where in the world is Manti Te’o? When could Melvin Ingram return? What about Ryan Mathews vs Branden Oliver?

Wrapping things up, John and Ben go back through Tom Telesco’s two years of draft picks, breaking them down and assigning grades to each player.

And don’t worry, the BFTB Podcast won’t be taking a bye week. We’ll be back next week!


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