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Chargers loss in Miami is tough to swallow

The Chargers were embarrassed by the Dolphins on Sunday in one of the worst losses in a decade. San Diego needs to move on.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

For some reason I can't get the taste out of my mouth from that bad tuna sandwich I ate on Sunday. Maybe it was the bread. Maybe it was the mayonnaise. Maybe it was the can of tuna itself. But there wasn't one thing about that sandwich that was good (even two days after, if you know what I mean).

Take, for example, the bread. It's the same bread I always buy. Large, Rainbow, third shelve on aisle 2. I thought it would be the same bread I always come to expect, but this loaf was different. When I took it out of the bag to make my lunch on Sunday, it was stale, crunchy around the edges and even seemed to be smaller than usual.

I know I mixed the tuna salad the same way I always do. A little bit of egg, some mayo, sliced olives, salt and pepper to taste and a pinch of chopped green onions. But for all of the ingredients I put in, I couldn't mask that fishy taste.

I should have known then that something was amiss.

Maybe I'm over exaggerating a bit on my meal Sunday, but after all, I was eating this sandwich while watching the San Diego Chargers get shutout to the Miami Dolphins 37-0. Much like the bread, San Diego came out stale and played much smaller than I could have ever expected.

Just like my tuna sandwich, nothing about this game was easy to swallow either.

How does one of the best offenses in the league fail to get past their own 38 yard line the whole game except for a game-opening drive that stalled on a failed 4th down attempt? How about a defense that yielded 7 scores in 11 offensive possessions for Miami.

Maybe the 10-day break was too much of a shelf life for the Chargers.  Maybe it was too-long of a layoff, because they seemed one step slower than Miami. Maybe it was the ole ‘WestCoast team traveling to the East Coast with an early start' myth.

One thing for sure, it was definitely a lack of execution. The Defense couldn't get off the field and for the rest of Philip Rivers career we may never see a Sunday  stat line like this again: 12/23 for 138 yards, 3 Int, 0 TD, 1 fumble and a 19.8 Quarterback Rating.

It's a good thing I was able to just throw away my tuna sandwich in the trash. And just like my sandwich, that's exactly what I'm gonna do with Sunday's loss. Throw it away and move on. I just wish this stomach ache would go away.

And in the event the Chargers meet up with the Dolphins in the playoffs, at least I know not to make tuna sandwiches again.