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LIVE: San Diego Chargers at Baltimore Ravens, 2nd Half

The Chargers and Ravens are playing a fairly close game. Join us to discuss the 2nd half as it happens.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Chargers got off to a shaky start this game. On just the second offensive play for the Chargers, Philip Rivers through an interception to Daryl Smith and handed 3 points to the Baltimore Ravens. Within the first 7 minutes of the game, the Chargers found themselves in a 10-point hole.

Then Philip Rivers and the Chargers Offense struck back and got within 3 on a touchdown pass to Keenan Allen.

The Chargers offense was driving again in the 2nd quarter when D.J. Fluker inadvertently knocked the ball out of Eddie Royal's hands and into the hands of the Ravens defense.

San Diego's defense seems to be doing what they can to keep the Ravens offense driving down the field, committing penalties and allowing spectacular plays happen in front of them. Honestly, for San Diego to only be down by 6 seems to be a victory in itself in this game.

Surely the team knows there are playoff implications in this game so they can adjust correctly and come out with a win.

Go Chargers!