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Open Thread: NFL Late Games, Week 13

There are only three late games on this NFL Sunday, but two of them are great ones.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Truth be told, I'm writing this hours before the Chargers and Ravens have even kicked off, so I have no idea if the late games have any impact on San Diego's playoff chances or if that ship has already sailed.

The late game nobody will care about is between the Cardinals and Falcons. The one everyone will be watching is a potential Super Bowl preview, with the Packers taking on the Patriots. That is important to the Chargers only in that New England is San Diego's opponent next week. Hopefully Green Bay can provide a blueprint for beating them.

On Sunday Night Football, the Chiefs take on the Broncos. It doesn't matter much, but I believe we should want the Broncos to win. The Chargers' remaining game against Denver is in San Diego, while their Week 17 matchup against Kansas City is at Arrowhead. That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing the Chargers with the same record as those teams, even if they'll still be in third place.