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Bolts & Dolts: The Bye Week is (Thankfully) Here for Chargers

John Gennaro goes digging through the box score of the San Diego Chargers 37-0 loss to the Miami Dolphins to try and find any players that performed above expectations.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The title is misleading. We're not doing Bolts & Dolts today.

Instead, we're doing "Bolts & Everybody Else". We're handing out only Bolts, and everyone that doesn't get one can be considered as playing below expectations during the San Diego Chargers' miserable loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.


Shareece Wright

Not only did Shareece play every single play for the San Diego defense, but he wasn't really terrible at anything. He was targeted 5 times and gave up just 2 catches for 8 yards. He was solid in run coverage too.

Andrew Gachkar

This is about exceeding expectations, right? I did not expect Gachkar to steal the starting ILB spot away from Kavell Conner, but that is what has happened. Additionally, Gachkar has been pretty great at run defense (his biggest weakness). He was targeted twice (going up against Charles Clay) and gave up a 12 yard reception. Still, he had 3 tackles for loss!

That's it. That's the whole list. Good showing, fellas.