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Who is the San Diego Chargers' Crafty Veteran?

Marshall Faulk wants to know who is the the San Diego Chargers' token "craft veteran" and what move does he used to give his team the advantage?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The first time I saw Dwight Freeney's patented spin move was in the preseason of his rookie year. It was finely crafted, a move that he had obviously spent a lifetime perfecting. I remember thinking that it looked like the type of move that a veteran developed once he lost some of his speed and strength.

Now that he's older, and he's lost some of his speed and strength, Freeney's move has actually gotten better. He has variations on it. He baits opposing tackles into thinking it's coming, then he'll play upon that fear.

Sometimes will convince an offensive lineman that the spin is coming, put him on his heels, juke to one side like he's going around the guy to get him falling backwards and to the outside of the pocket, and then he'll hit him with the spin inside while the lineman curls into a fetal position on the ground and asks the universe why life isn't fair.

Antonio Gates has just as many tricks up his sleeve, but I decided to go with Freeney because he hasn't gotten nearly as much attention as Gates this year despite playing quite well for most of the season.

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