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Bolts from the Blue Podcast #16: Here Comes the Gauntlet

John and Ben have come down off the Chargers' thrilling victory over the St. Louis Rams just enough to discuss that game, discuss the current state of the offensive line, and look forward to the Ravens.

John's and Ben's hearts are still racing from the Chargers game against the Rams, easily the most exciting game of the season. They break down the Chargers win over the tough St. Louis Rams, keeping Jeff Fisher's winless streak against the Chargers alive. They then move on to talk about the offensive line and why the Chargers can't seem to keep their Centers healthy. Moving on to the bigger picture, the talk turns to the playoffs and how the upcoming game against the Ravens is one the Chargers simply can't afford to lose. And with that, they close things out with their predictions for Sunday's game.


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