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LIVE: San Diego Chargers trail St. Louis Rams 10-6 at halftime

The San Diego Chargers had an up-and-down performance in the first half and trail the St. Louis Rams at halftime.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Good news! Ryan Mathews has actually looked quite good against the St. Louis Rams. In fact, the San Diego Chargers RB is averaging 7.9 yards per carry after getting 9 attempts in the first half. However, the team really didn't use him when they got in the red zone or in the latter part of the 2nd quarter.

Now, the bad news. The Chargers trail the Rams 10-6 after Philip Rivers threw a 99-yard pick-six. Also, the defense has been bailed out numerous times with somewhat suspicious penalty calls. They're not playing very well, either.

The Chargers are probably playing well enough to win if they don't make any more mistakes in the second half, but it won't be easy. It doesn't help that the Rams will get the ball to start the second half.