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The KP Show #8: Raiders Review and Rams Preview

Kyle Posey is back hosting his extremely popular podcast. This week, he's joined by Matthew Stanley to discuss the Raiders game and look forward to the Rams.

I'm joined by Matthew Stanley as we recap the Raiders game. We start out by talking about the backfield and what Ryan Mathews usage will be moving forward and why he should be used as a receiver. Continuing with the offense we go in depth on why and who is struggling for the offensive line and how that's effecting the rest of the time. We finish off the offensive talk with how Philip Rivers has been performing.

Defensively, we both give praise to how the players were used, how they played, and the energy they brought. We segue into match ups against the Rams and go over what we've seen as well as the positives and negative match ups for San Diego. We finish off by giving a prediction for the game.

As always, thanks for listening.


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