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LIVE: San Diego Chargers trailing Miami Dolphins 20-0 at halftime

The San Diego Chargers played their worst half of football all season in the most important game of the year and are getting boat-raced by the Miami Dolphins. Can they pull off the comeback?

Mike Ehrmann

Everything is terrible. I mean that literally, as it pertains to this game.

Philip Rivers hasn't been good. The offensive line and running game have been terrible. Penalties are not working out in the San Diego Chargers favor.

The defense resembles a wet paper bag. The Miami Dolphins running game and passing game is having absolutely no issue doing what they want, and the only think that kept the team from scoring in all five of their possessions was a missed 46-yd FG at the end of the half.

A different Chargers team needs to show up in the second half if they hope to still be in second place in the division by the end of the day, because the Chiefs are having no issue taking care of business against the New York Jets.