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TONIGHT AT 7PM PT: Gennaroly Speaking Returns!

The San Diego Chargers are 6-4 and just one game back of the division lead in the AFC West. Join John Gennaro tonight while he chats about the team and answers your questions.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a few weeks, so maybe you don't know the drill. Here's the drill.

Send me your San Diego Chargers-related questions that you want answered by putting them in the comments below.

Tonight, at 7pm PT, return to this very website to watch me as I attempt to answer all of your questions with my webcam turned on, broadcasting to the world. There will also be a live comments thread that I'll read through during the show, but the questions left in the comments of this post get read before I even look at what people are saying in the live thread.

See you tonight!