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Chargers-Raiders final score: Chargers barely outplay terrible Raiders team, win 13-6

The San Diego Chargers still appear to be a bad football team, but they were lucky enough to be matched up against a terrible 0-10 Oakland Raiders team this week and came out with a 13-6 win.

Donald Miralle

The heart and soul of the San Diego Chargers is their offense, which was awful against the Oakland Raiders this week. Ryan Mathews had a solid game in his first game back from injury, despite some horrendous blocking from his offensive line, and was about the only good thing about the offense all game long.

The Chargers defense and special teams, on the other hand, were excellent in this matchup. They gave up a total of six points, and were equally adept at run defense, pass coverage, and pass rush. Melvin Ingram was one of the team's leading tacklers and most dominant players in his first game back from injury, and Jerry Attaochu added a sack in his first game back as well.

Nick Novak's consecutive FGs made streak ended at the end of the first half, but he made his other two attempts. Mike Scifres performed like a wizard, pinning the Raiders deep in their own territory regularly.

It's nice for Mike McCoy's team to break their losing streak and avoid a .500 mark, especially with the Denver Broncos losing their game today against the Rams, but the team that beat the Raiders didn't look all that different from the team of the last month. Hopefully it was just another instance of division matchups yielding close games, because a similar effort probably won't work to defeat the Rams.