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LIVE: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers, 2nd Half

The San Diego Chargers get the ball to start the second half, leading the Raiders 10-3.

Donald Miralle

This game got off to a great start, didn't it? A fumble of the opening snap gave us our first real Donald Butler sighting of the season when he recovered the fumble, handing the ball over to Philip Rivers and the Chargers offense on Oakland's 22 yard line. A 2nd-down pass to Malcom Floyd in the end zone gave the Chargers a quick 7-0 lead just 53 seconds into the game. This game looked like it might be a laugher.

Since then, the key phrase of the game has been "offensive rhythm." Or more accurately, the lack of any rhythm.

After looking like a potential hall-of-fame quarterback the first time these two teams met, Derek Carr has reverted and is reminding us that he's just a rookie.

Rivers hasn't looked much better himself. He's 15-for-24 with 135 yards; that comes out to just 5.6 yards-per-attempt. That should show you how much Rivers is checking down. The capper was Nick Novak missing just left on a 48-yard field goal attempt to close out the first half.

The good news is, the Chargers do have the lead and get the ball to start the half, and the offense was showing signs of life as they drove 47 yards down the field in 1:46. Here's hoping the team can adjust, and Rivers & Co. build on that momentum. Go Chargers!