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USAA giving out 'Military Appreciation Eyeblack' on Sunday

If you're going to Sunday's game between the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders, you'll get some pretty awesome eyeblack to wear inside the stadium.

The special military appreciation eyeblack being given out to @chargers fans before Sunday's game.

A photo posted by John Gennaro (@obviousman) on

There has to be a better word than 'eyeblack' to use when it's not black, right?

Anyway, USAA is the official military sponsor of the NFL. In case you haven't been watching the NFL over the last few weeks, the league is currently doing a #SaluteToService with camouflage towels, markers, and yes....even eyeblack.

USAA sent me the eyeblack you see in the picture above (One says "THANK YOU" and the other says "MILITARY" with a Chargers lightning bolt) as an example of what they'll be handing out at the front gates of Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday to fans that are attending the game between the Chargers and Raiders.

Personally, I can't get enough of the NFL and the Chargers doing whatever they can to show the military that we appreciate them. These people are true heroes, and I'll gladly wear that appreciation on my face so that they know exactly what they're fighting for. If you're going to game on Sunday, you should too.