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Five Oakland Raiders Questions with Silver and Black Pride

Levi Damien from Silver and Black Pride was kind enough to give us an inside look at the Oakland Raiders before their game against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.

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1. What has changed with the Raiders since their loss to the Chargers earlier this season?

Not a whole lot, really. That game, they found some offense but it turned out to be more of an anomaly as they have not found similar success in any game this season. For the most part, they have played some better defense than they did in that game. With the notable exception of giving up five touchdowns on five consecutive possessions against the Broncos last week.

The Raiders continue to be unable to find a complete game. When one side of the ball steps up, the other side lets them down. For the most part it's been the offense that has been the culprit. The found something in the bye week with new head coach Tony Sparano that they were able to use against the Chargers. But they came back to earth quickly after that.

2. Does Tony Sparano have any chance of staying on as Raiders coach next season?

It would probably take a miracle. He's a very likeable guy and I think the players want to play for him. But it would take probably a couple wins along with being very competitive down the stretch and I don't see that happening. It isn't really his fault but this could literally be a no-win situation.

3. How have Derek Carr and Khalil Mack progressed this season? Are they meeting their high expectations?

Mack has continued to improve, Carr has not. Carr seems to have peaked in the game against the Chargers. Since then, he has been turning the ball over a great deal while checking the ball down at a record pace. Against it isn't all his fault. He has no help from the run game and there hasn't been much in the way of downfield blocking either. But what he has been doing is focusing so heavily on getting the ball out quickly so as not to get sacked, he throws into coverage to too short to pick up the necessary yardage.

Mack still has yet to record his first sack. He had a down game last week along with the rest of the defense. But outside of that, he has been tremendous. And make no mistake, he is hungry for that first sack. It's important to him and he will be hunting down Philip Rivers trying to get it.

4. Do most Raiders fans want the team to stay in Oakland or move to Los Angeles?

This question deserves a look. Or a BRUH meme. Of course most Raiders fans want the team to stay in Oakland. Although I understand based on the turnout at Chargers games it might seem like it's a close call. There are still a lot of Raiders fans in SoCal.

5. Finish this sentence: The Oakland Raiders will get their first win of the season Sunday if....

....they score more points than the Chargers.

Oh, you probably wanted more. That requires more sentences. Well, they would need to play their first complete game. That also means forcing turnovers while not surrendering any. And the league's worst run game would need to show up for the first time this season as well.

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