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What's your favorite Chargers/Raiders game?

In all of the years that the San Diego Chargers have played against the Oakland Raiders, what is your favorite memory from the rivalry?

Harry How

I'm 27. So, I have no recollection of the "Holy Roller." My memory goes back to the Stan Humphries/Natrone Means era, with a lot of games in there that I've forced myself to forget.

Unlike our fearless leader, I do hate the Raiders. I hated whenever Rich Gannon got the ball, because it felt like they were going to score. Even when the Raiders were "good" a couple years ago, they still managed to blow their opportunity at the playoffs. They've been the running joke of the league for quite some time now. We know it, they know it. Subject to some hilarious memes.

Oakland is 0-9, so there's not a whole lot to break down. I figured, instead, it would be a good idea to reflect on your favorite Chargers vs. Raiders game ever.

The good thing about this is, there's no wrong answer. I expect most will say the Holy Roller or another negative game, but most of my memories are positive. Probably because from 2003-09 San Diego beat Oakland 13 consecutive times.

It's tough, there are so many good ones. You have keeping the Raiders out of the playoffs. Back in '03, before the team really took off as a franchise in the decade, Ladainian Tomlinson went for 243 yards in a 21-14 victory. I'm going to go off the grid a little bit and go back to 2007.

This is probably my last "wow" memory of LaDainian Tomlinson. LT is far and away my favorite player in NFL history. So much that I get defensive when people suggest he's not the real "LT" or make stupid sitting on the sideline visor jokes in the playoffs. I get that petty.

Anyway, on October 14th, 2007, LT ran for 198 yards on 24 carries, had 9 first downs and 4 touchdowns. It was a true trademark game. Tomlinson had a touchdown where he jumped over the pile at the goal line, check. He scored on that little play where they fake it to the fullback and flip it to him outside and he makes a defender miss, then outruns another defender to the end zone, check. Finally, he had a run up the middle where he eludes a linebacker in the hole, then just glides past everyone for 41 yards and a touchdown. So fast. So effortless. No touchdown dance will ever match his patented "ball flip."

How about you, what's your favorite memory? Think outside of the box if you can.