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Nick Canepa craps all over Los Angeles in hilarious interview

Nick Canepa from the UT-San Diego goes on the radio to talk about the obstacles standing in the way of the NFL returning to Los Angeles and it is delightful.


As most of you probably know, I live in Los Angeles. However, what most of you probably don't know is that I work for a sports radio station up here. A station that takes great pride in the local sports teams and fans.

Tuesday morning, I showed one of our hosts this article by Nick Canepa regarding the possibility of the San Diego Chargers moving to Los Angeles. In the article, Nick makes it a point to say that L.A. doesn't deserve (another) NFL team and says that L.A. is not a great sports town. This was grounds for debate up here in L.A.

I have often said that I would love to one day take over Nick Canepa's throne as the go-to sports curmudgeon of San Diego, but he's not ready to give it up just yet. He never shies away from a fight either, and came on the air with Fred Roggin (aka "The Dean of L.A. Sports") to participate in a debate over a stadium getting built in Los Angeles that was both heated and hilarious.

Grab your popcorn and click here to listen.

(Editor's Note: After hearing about his scary medical issues about a year ago, nothing makes me happier than hearing Nick Canepa angrily fighting about sports once again.)