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Which former San Diego Chargers player would you add to this year's team?

Some weeks, this GMC post with Marshall Faulk is really fun. This is one of those weeks.

Now, here are the rules of the game. You can add one former San Diego Chargers player (must have played in a regular season game) to this year's roster, with the idea that you would do so to "fix" the issue the team has now.

If I'm picking, juice or no juice, I'm taking Shawne Merriman before his knee issues and off-the-field troubles. A great pass-rush is instant defense, instant offense, and instantly would turn the 2014 Chargers into an unstoppable force on both sides of the ball. I'd argue that, although his time as a successful player was relatively short, that Merriman is the best pass-rusher San Diego has ever seen and a perfect fit for this defense.

Sentimentality doesn't count for much and LaDainian Tomlinson probably couldn't run behind a bad offensive line (but that's just my opinion), otherwise it would probably be him.

Let me know which former Chargers player you would pick in the comments and why.

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