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Bolts & Dolts: Chargers embarrass the Jets

Each week, John Gennaro looks through the box score of the San Diego Chargers most recent game and hands out cheers (Bolts) and jeers (Dolts) for those players that performed above or below expectations. This week, he looks at their dominant 31-0 win over the Jets.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclosure: I haven't yet watched the game. While the San Diego Chargers were abusing the New York Jets, I was in the middle of a park in Austin, Texas enjoying a music festival. I will watch the game later today, and will be ready to talk football with Ben Higgins for our BFTB Podcast, but sometimes I like doing Bolts & Dolts without actually watching the game. It shows off how useful/useless box scores and stats can really be.


Philip Rivers - 20/28, 288 pass yds, 3 pass TDs, 1 INT

I don't understand. Rivers was sacked three times, a high for this season, so he was obviously under pressure a whole bunch. Yet he still was picking up over 10 yards per pass attempt AND completing passes at a good clip. Sounds like another amazing performance by Rivers, which honestly should be what we expect from him at this point. Whatever, I'm giving him a bolt because he's the whole team.

Branden Oliver - 19 carries, 114 rush yds, 1 rush TD, 4 catches, 68 rec yds, 1 rec TD

WHAT. No, seriously, what? A 52 yard run and a 50 yard catch explain the gawdy numbers, but I have no idea how he got a 52 yard run or a 50 yard catch against this defense unless it was garbage time and they had already given up. I saw some praise on Twitter for Oliver that made me roll my eyes, but maybe I need to watch this performance before I say anything. It sounds like the offensive line was incredible.

Malcom Floyd - 3 catches (3 targets), 72 rec yds

Every offense needs a deep threat and Floyd appears to be filling that role well. The most amazing thing might be that Floyd is catching nearly everything thrown at him. That's pretty terrifying when you realize he's getting over 21 yards per catch.

Antonio Gates - 4 catches (6 targets), 60 rec yds, 2 red TDs

Ho hum. Antonio Gates with another multiple-TD game. I honestly don't think Gates is any better than he's been in the last 3-4 years. I think Rivers is getting better, hitting his peak, and that's making it easier for Gates to put up numbers. I saw one highlight from this game, which was Rivers floating a perfect TD pass into Gates' arms while he was wide open, and it confirmed that suspicion.

Jason Verrett - 6 targets, 2 catches allowed (14 rec yds)

The Chargers first round draft pick was targeted six times against three different Jets receivers and didn't really give up much of anything. Jason may already be an upgrade over Shareece Wright, who isn't terrible.

Brandon Flowers - 4 targets, 1 catch allowed (6 rec yds)

Sign him to a bazillion year deal. Do it. This is the best CB to play for the Chargers in a long time. Brandon Flowers is magic.

Ricardo Lissemore - 3 tackles (3 solo), 1 sack

Seeing how few snaps Ricardo Mathews and Sean Lissemore each played, I have a hard time giving either of them a Bolt. However, they were both seemingly great in their limited snaps, so they deserve some recognition. I squished them together to make Ricardo Lissemore, who had a great game stopping the run and rushing the passer from the middle of the defensive line.


Johnnie Troutman / Chris Watt

Whoever heard of a team splitting snaps between two offensive linemen? Is there some reason that Watt and Troutman are each playing about half of the snaps? Did Troutman start and get injured? I have no idea. I hope so. Because otherwise this "plan" makes no sense to me.