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LIVE: Chargers are rolling, up 21-0 over Jets

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In a first half where the San Diego Chargers felt like they were up by three touchdowns from the opening kick, they actually made it to half time up by three touchdowns.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The calls for Geno Smith's head have to be getting louder after an ugly first half in San Diego. John Pagano keeps calling for pressure up the middle and Geno has no answer for it. Last year, Pagano would have gone away from what was working. This year, Pagano just keeps doing what works. It's a beautiful thing to watch. Everyone loves John Pagano the person. Now, it looks like we are being given a reason to love John Pagano the defensive coordinator.

Philip Rivers is getting absolutely hammered by the New York Jets. Johnnie Troutman, in particular, has looked bad when tasked with blocking Sheldon Richardson. This was to be expected, but actually seeing it happen is discouraging. Fortunately, Rivers is tough as nails and is playing as well as he has all year. The Rivers to Antonio Gates connection cannot be stopped. The future hall of famer has now reached 92 career touchdowns. That is good for 10th all time, as he passed Isaac Bruce with his second score of the game.

The other big story of the game is Branden Oliver. He looks fantastic running behind a beat up offensive line against one of the best run defenses in the NFL. With Donald Brown getting knocked out of the game early, he'll get his number called a lot in the second half. Hopefully he can hold up to the increased workload.

Finally, Brandon Flowers shut down a last minute drive by the Jets and he can't be re-signed soon enough.