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PODCAST: The KP Show Previews the Jets/Chargers Matchup

The KP Show returned this week to recap the Chargers' dominating win over the Jaguars, then preview the upcoming Jets game with Mike O'Connor from Turn on the Jets.

After taking a week off last week, The KP Show returns to the, umm, "airwaves" for your listening pleasure.

In this week’s installment, Kyle Posey starts off by reviewing last week’s Jaguars game. He touches on how impressive the offensive play calling was, the offensive line, and how guys are winning their battles up front on defense.

He is then joined by Mike O’Connor from Turn on the Jets. They preview all the ins and outs from this upcoming Sunday’s matchup, talking about everything you can expect to see as well as give a prediction who wins.

Fire up your podcatcher — *cringe* — download the latest episode and listen away!

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