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The San Diego Chargers will win against the New York Jets

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Each week, John Gennaro gives the San Diego Chargers fans three reasons to be optimistic about the team's chances of winning their upcoming game. This week, we tackle Sunday's home game against the 1-3 New York Jets.

Rich Schultz

Philip Rivers

El Capitan. Felipe Rios. Daddy Throwbucks. Call the San Diego Chargers QB whatever you want to call him, but don't pretend that he's not the best offensive player in football so far this year.

Remember how great Rivers was last season? Remember how we said that it was the best year of his very good career and that was pretty amazing? Check out these averages:

2013: 69.5% completion, 279.9 pass yds per game, 8.2 yards per attempt, 3/1 TD/INT ratio, 2 sacks per game

2014: 70.1% completion, 288.8 pass yds per game, 8.4 yards per attempt, 9/1 TD/INT ratio, 1.25 sacks per game

Yes, he's gotten better in every single category (and that's even including the not-so-great game against Arizona). If this isn't the "peak" or prime of his career, Rivers might actually break the sport of football. He is playing at an insane level right now and, quite simply, can not be stopped or defeated. At least, we haven't seen anyone stop him since the beginning of Week 2.

Turnover Battle

The Jets defense is about as unbalanced as the Chargers offense right now, and that's a good thing.

Their pass rush isn't much (although Rex Ryan's blitzes are creative) and their secondary isn't fearsome. Their front seven is great at stopping the run, but the San Diego running game could probably be stopped by USD's defense right now, so that doesn't really alter the gameplan.

The Jets defense is 31st in the league in turnovers, and the offense isn't real great at holding on to the ball, which puts the Chargers in a good spot to win the turnover battle. Any time you can win the turnover battle at home, you stand a great chance of winning the game.

Jets Offense/Chargers Defense

I have no idea what I'm supposed to be afraid of here.

Last week, I knew. Blake Bortles throws laser passes and gets them out quickly. Geno Smith holds on to the ball too long and is inaccurate. Michael Vick, who might come in, holds on to the ball too long and is inaccurate.

How to the Jets plan on scoring points against the Chargers? Is their gameplan to run all day with Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson? That might be their best option, but it's not exactly sexy or fearsome.

The Chargers defense has been good enough that we can count on it. I'm pretty certain they'll get pressure on the Jets QB. I'm pretty sure that they'll keep the Jets running attack from doing much of anything, especially if they can build an early lead.

I'm really not afraid of the Jets offense one bit, and I'm pretty confident in John Pagano's defense. It feels weird, but this might be the biggest reason the Chargers will win on Sunday.