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PODCAST: Public Enemy #1 at Chargers Park

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Ben is back in the saddle after a successful trip to fend off the evil forces of the world. Ben joins John once again and they discuss the team’s handling of Jahleel Addae’s concussion during the Thursday night loss to the Denver Broncos. They then discuss how the team can improve as well as potential targets before the trade deadline.

Ezra Shaw

As much as this may be great, don't get used to Monday morning deliveries of the BFTB Podcast. Ben is too busy on Sunday nights to record anything then. Maybe one day we'll be on the radio and you guys can listen to us break down the precious San Diego Chargers game live, but until then.... Monday morning podcasts will be nothing but an odd fringe benefit of Thursday Night Football.

Ben and I recorded this podcast right after news had come out that Jahleel Addae, who I had suspected of playing with a concussion, indeed had played with a concussion. So, right out of the gates, you'll hear my story about talking with some important people from the organization about Addae's health.

I also threw out three potential trade targets for the Chargers, with the trade deadline looming (tomorrow!), that could potentially patch some holes as the team tries to regain its footing and make it into the playoffs.

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